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Fitness Holds Different Meaning For Everyone

Sarah Wennersten is a personal trainer who’s spent many years as such and she’s literally trained people of all ages and fitness levels – all types of men and women from their early twenties’s to their late nineties’s. So, she has a very good idea of how fitness and personal training goals and obstacles vary by person. She has said that the best way to go about getting fit is to try different things and to constantly push and challenge yourself through out the entire process.
Today, she runs her own self defense class for women called “Inside and Out: Fitness For The Whole You” and it combines several different types of self defense and fitness for all of the women who participate in her classes. Each day in the class features a different fitness or self defense discipline including: kickboxing, yoga, martial arts, self defense etc. Wennerstern feels as though it’s the best way to expand her students’ horizons and keep them on their toes.
Wennersten says “…Only you can decide for yourself what your fitness goals and aspirations are and what the best way to reach them are. A trainer can only help guide you along your journey.”
As for Wennersten herself, she’s trained and fought in MMA and kickboxing and has had seven amateur fights in her career and that includes the time she she fought for the police department in a police versus firefighters match. She won her one kickboxing fight, as well as all of her boxing fights but lost her one MMA fight. However, her focus is now solely on her class and her students and training them to the best of her ability. Her career as a self-defense instructors is all that matters and that shows through the skill level and satisfaction of all of her students.

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A Third Facet To Getting Fit? Diet, Exercise And… ?

Environmental Stress. What does that even mean?   Well, it means in order for you to get fully fit in the most efficient way possible you must consider the fact that things like heat and A/C are unnatural and constantly training in conditions with optimal temperatures might be slowing your fitness journey down unnecessarily. Also consider the fact that when fighters/boxers are training to get in shape and into fighting form in a hurry they train in extremely high temperatures to help themselves do so. This also helps their conditioning as well. There has also been the recent health trend of cryotherapy where athletes will spend time in extreme freezing temperatures in a closed chamber in order to help rejuvenate their bodies to help maximize their own performance results.   Now, the point is not that you need to go to one extreme or the other but doing something like running outside on a hot summer day can help push the average person to their limit which is exactly the result we’re looking for. Consider this concept similar to the concept of eating natural and fresh food versus eating processed foods – we all know which one is good for us and which one isn’t right? The natural option. The same goes for your environment training and living in natural surroundings is better for you than doing so in an environment with mostly artificial elements such as temperature.   In the end, consider anything artificial: foods, temperature etc as a comfort option – it’s nice when you are relaxing and/or on vacation. However, when you are on your normally daily grind you should always try and opt for the natural choice – it’s better for you!  

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Let’s Debunk These Common Fitness Myths

There are a ton of fitness myths and facts out there that people accept as absolute cannon. But, how can you possibly tell which is which? We’re here to help you debunk some of the most popular MYTHS. Everything on this list is a myth and we’ll even explain why.

  • Avoid Carbs At All Costs
  • The oldest myth around is to avoid carbs at all costs. This simply isn’t true. The best way to disprove this is by looking at Vegans. Vegans often eat mainly fruit but they also carbo-load since their main initiative is too avoid meant and any animal products and they are always the longest living and healthiest people on the planet.

  • The More You Workout, The better
  • This is another very common myth and it’s exactly that – a myth. There is such a thing as over-training and it can lead to serious health issues. You can seriously injure yourself, become much more prone to injury, stunt your growth an/or impede the very progress you are attempting to supplement.

  • Cardio Should Be Done Until You Can’t Possibly Do Any More
  • Not all exercises should be done until exhaustion. In fact, if you’re not a professional athlete training for an event or sport you should likely avoid doing this all together.

  • All Weight Training Will Make You Bulky
  • All though this is likely the least sensible of these myths, it is still one of the most popular. It’s really quite simple, if you train with high weight and low repetitions you will bulk up. If you train with low weight and high repetitions you will not bulk up.

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Martial Arts & Fitness – How They Match Up

Each day, martial arts is becoming more and more of a widely accepted form of fitness. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is that people are beginning to realize the level of resistance training that goes into most forms of martial arts. Ever notice the shape that wrestlers are in? It’s because of their training both burning calories and simultaneously building muscle. Most martial arts aren’t AS intense as wrestling and it’s over-the-top training regiment but they are pretty close. In the end, it comes down to how dedicated the person who’s training is to training (Hopefully that makes sense).
Many people who train martial arts notice great results in fitness and their overall physique after training for just a few months. But, like any other fitness program these results will end as soon as you stop training. So continuing to remain diligent in your routine is crucially important here. One martial art that kicks people in to shape better than most others is Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, most specifically. This martial art uses your opponents body weight as a sort of dynamic resistance that will challenge your strength, muscles, and overall endurance every time that you perform one of the thousands of techniques. In fact, each hour long session that you train probably involves you performing close to a hundred of these moves. You are also getting a workout with Jiu Jitsu even when you are the on who is having the technique performed on you. This is because by properly bracing yourself your muscles are being stimulated to a slight but considerable extent.
So, there are many martial arts out there that can help you get fit as you learn to defend yourself. But, one of the very best forms for this is Jiu Jitsu. In fact Jiu Jitsu is probably the best fighting form to practice for fitness’s sake outside of wrestling or mixed martial arts. If you’re interested in learning to fight and getting in shape at the same time then why wait? Start training today.

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Give These Fitness Trends An Honest Shot

If your looking to get fit in the new year and you’re tired of the same old tired routine at the same gym then try these new and exciting fitness trends that will blow up in 2017:

  • Rowing
  • This is an excellent age old full body cardiovascular workout. It’s been around for many years but it’s popularity soared in 2016 and is expected to continue to do so in 2017 – check it out!

  • Barre
  • This is an exercise routine that’s based on and centered around Ballet. The idea is that the tremendously strenuous balancing moves cause so much resistance it’s fit to consider it as an excellent workout. This routine also incorporates a little bit of pilates and yoga and focuses on toning rather than cutting weight or bulking. This one might not be the best for the men out there.

  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Cardio kickboxing is a trend that’s consistently been on the rise for a half decade now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. In this full body cardio routine you will get lean and cut as well as learn how to defend yourself all in, typically, just forty five minutes!

  • Aqua Cycling
  • This one is a little more unorthodox than the others. It’s name does give it away though – you cycle in the water. Riding a stationary bike underwater provides even more dynamic resistance than would above water – you can burn up to a thousand calories each session as well as strengthening the hell out of your lower body.

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Fun Ways To Trick Your Kids Into Getting Fit

We all want our children to be happy and healthy but getting them to be both in a balanced fashion is a nightmare sometimes. Most of us experience this because, for kids, happiness equals video games, apps, junk food and an overall sedentary lifestyle. It gets tougher and tougher to gets kids to be active these days. So, many of us are let no choice but to trick our children into exercising under the guise of a “fun activity.” The following is a few ideas that will help you get your kids to become more active without the fight:

  • Laser Tag
  • Laser tag might be the best option on the list because kids absolutely love it. The running and over all cardiovascular exercise they get out of it is great for helping them stay healthy. The only downside is that it can get pretty expensive to do this frequently.

  • Swimming
  • Kids love to be in the pool. During the summer, kids will spend the better part of the day in the pool. Playing around in the pool / swimming is another great cardiovascular exercise that also provides resistance so not only will they get more fit they will get more strong as well. You can keep this up during the winter months too by finding a local indoor pool to become a member of.

  • Martial Arts
  • Let’s face it, kids love to do things that they aren’t supposed to be doing. Fighting is a prime example. Why not tell them they get to go fight other kids on a daily to weekly basis with karate? This way they get what they want but they also get a great workout without even knowing it. Check out these Troy martial art birthday parties as an idea of what I mean!

  • Relay Races
  • This option may be a bit of a reach but it’s worth it to give it a shot anyway. Suggest to your kids that relay races are somewhat of an adventure or offer some prizes and/or incentives. Then they will get a very intense HIIT style cardio workout.

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