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Clean Sleeping Is A New Health Trend You Should Get Behind Tonight

This trend is nothing new – it’s really just getting a good night of uninterrupted eight hours of sleep. The thing is that many of you reading this don’t quite know where to start when it comes to accomplishing this. Getting more “clean sleep” is integral to several areas of your health including your complexion, your weight, your mental health and several other areas as well. That’s not even including the obvious benefit of just feeling better overall and being more personable than “cranky.”
One of the biggest things that prevents people from getting “clean sleep” is the fact that after attaching themselves to a screen (phone, computer, tv etc) for most of the day they close out the day behind a screen too checking social media and texts right before sleep. You should leave the entire last hour before bed as “screen-free” time so that your body has a legitimate chance to wind down and prepare for rest. Another mistake that people often make when trying to get more sleep on a consistent basis is that they don’t have consistent bedtimes. Normally, people will turn in at a decent hour during the week but will stay up till all hours of the night on the weekends which prevents your body from getting into a rhythm in terms of consistent rest.
There are also the obvious blunders people make when not getting enough sleep as well. Caffeine right before bedtime is a mistake only idiots make but, did you know, that any caffeine in the last 6 hours before bed can seriously hurt your chances of getting a full eight hours? Well, it can and does. Another seemingly obvious mistake that gets made very frequently is people don’t eliminate distractions while they sleep. A great example of this is keeping your phone close by so texts/calls/notifications can wake you up throughout the night – keep your phone on silent and away from your bed. This last tip also goes without saying but we will anyway – no booze before bed. Alcohol induced slumber is extremely low quality sleep and does more harm than good. It won’t be easy at first but if you follow all of these tips and get into a routine with them you’ll be getting “clean sleep” in no time!

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