Fitness Holds Different Meaning For Everyone

Sarah Wennersten is a personal trainer who’s spent many years as such and she’s literally trained people of all ages and fitness levels – all types of men and women from their early twenties’s to their late nineties’s. So, she has a very good idea of how fitness and personal training goals and obstacles vary by person. She has said that the best way to go about getting fit is to try different things and to constantly push and challenge yourself through out the entire process.
Today, she runs her own self defense class for women called “Inside and Out: Fitness For The Whole You” and it combines several different types of self defense and fitness for all of the women who participate in her classes. Each day in the class features a different fitness or self defense discipline including: kickboxing, yoga, martial arts, self defense etc. Wennerstern feels as though it’s the best way to expand her students’ horizons and keep them on their toes.
Wennersten says “…Only you can decide for yourself what your fitness goals and aspirations are and what the best way to reach them are. A trainer can only help guide you along your journey.”
As for Wennersten herself, she’s trained and fought in MMA and kickboxing and has had seven amateur fights in her career and that includes the time she she fought for the police department in a police versus firefighters match. She won her one kickboxing fight, as well as all of her boxing fights but lost her one MMA fight. However, her focus is now solely on her class and her students and training them to the best of her ability. Her career as a self-defense instructors is all that matters and that shows through the skill level and satisfaction of all of her students.

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