Let’s Debunk These Common Fitness Myths

There are a ton of fitness myths and facts out there that people accept as absolute cannon. But, how can you possibly tell which is which? We’re here to help you debunk some of the most popular MYTHS. Everything on this list is a myth and we’ll even explain why.

  • Avoid Carbs At All Costs
  • The oldest myth around is to avoid carbs at all costs. This simply isn’t true. The best way to disprove this is by looking at Vegans. Vegans often eat mainly fruit but they also carbo-load since their main initiative is too avoid meant and any animal products and they are always the longest living and healthiest people on the planet.

  • The More You Workout, The better
  • This is another very common myth and it’s exactly that – a myth. There is such a thing as over-training and it can lead to serious health issues. You can seriously injure yourself, become much more prone to injury, stunt your growth an/or impede the very progress you are attempting to supplement.

  • Cardio Should Be Done Until You Can’t Possibly Do Any More
  • Not all exercises should be done until exhaustion. In fact, if you’re not a professional athlete training for an event or sport you should likely avoid doing this all together.

  • All Weight Training Will Make You Bulky
  • All though this is likely the least sensible of these myths, it is still one of the most popular. It’s really quite simple, if you train with high weight and low repetitions you will bulk up. If you train with low weight and high repetitions you will not bulk up.

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