There Might Be A Ban On Creatine For Those Under Eighteen

With the market for workout supplements as strong as ever, many high school students are jumping on the bandwagon. This is not good news. In the past, the ill effects of caffeinated pre-work out drinks like N.O. Xplode have really been heightened when it came to their effects on children. Now, the spotlight is on creatine and experts are suggesting it’s for all of the wrong reasons. This study has been brought to you courtesy of http://www.martialartsarlingtontx.com.
Recent studies have shown that creatine can seriously damage a person’s liver and kidneys if not consumed properly and with caution. Unfortunately, when young teenagers take supplements they fall under the impression that “more is better.” This, obviously, is never the case with almost every supplement on the market. So, without any legitimate way to monitor young kids taking creatine the only safe alternative is an an age restriction of eighteen years old on it.
Additionally, creatine is only meant for short term or extended short term use. Using creatine for more than a few month or a year, at the very most, can really exacerbate it’s potential for ill health effects. This is another issue for young teens that use supplements – they don’t seem to be able to comprehend or understand the concepts of cycling their supplements properly. They seem to erroneously think that once they start using a supplement they should never stop using it or else they will lose all of their progress or results.
So, there currently is no ban on creatine for people under the age of eighteen but there soon may be. Our advice is to prevent your children from taking the substance until they are old enough to understand the potentially damaging consequences for using it improperly or with out the correct advice on how to do so.

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